APPLE VALLEY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Supercross’ new ENVY RS7 BMX frame is an evolution of the brand’s S7 frame, introduced 10 years ago.

The S7 was intended to be a durable sub-3 pound aluminum race frame and led to the brand’s ENVY line of frames. According to the company, the Supercross ENVY RS7 is “the true BMX superframe you can afford.”

The ENVY RS7 uses a blend of 7005 ULR Ultra Light triple-butted, custom-shaped tubing.

The frames have wider flared seat masts for better bottom bracket support. Seat masts on each frame size are optimized for rider weight and strength. The new frames also have refined tube butting, external diameters and headtube shaping. The new headtube shape better resists denting and has stronger bearing race seats and walls. Internally, it’s relieved of excess aluminum to shave weight.

New dropouts are 3D CNC machined from a cold forging. The shaping was changed slightly to maximize the contact patch for chain tensioners.

The new cold forged bottom bracket shell has cold-rolled threads for better durability.

On Pro size and larger frames, the chainstays meet the bottom bracket shell at the widest point possible, and the chainstays are now “boxed in” with .058 7005 sheet aluminum to increase stiffness.

The new frame is available in 18 sizes and eight stock colors as well as custom anodized or powdercoat finishes. It will be available at dealers July 31, retailing for $649.

Supercross sells directly to 632 U.S. shops and also distributes through Western Power Sports (Fly Racing) and seven international distributors. 

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Author: Stephen Frothingham

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