FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — At Eurobike,  Knog is showing a new modular bike battery and accessory system called PWR (pronounced “power”). The system adopts a strategy similar to the Ryobi ONE+ battery and tool system, with separate batteries offered that can power headlights or other Knog accessories, as well as third party devices like phones or GPS bike computers via a USB port.

Among other advantages, the Australian company said the modular system allows riders to upgrade their lights by buying a Knog “lighthead,” which is a headlamp without a battery. Riders seeking longer battery life can keep their current lighthead but buy a larger battery. 

Knog plans to add other accessories that use the same battery pack, including a speaker, a headlamp and a camping lantern.

Knog is also offering a desktop app that allows users to control the system. The app lets users adjust light flash patterns and modes.

“It’s such an obvious idea really,” said Knog’s CEO, Hugo Davidson “Upgrade just your lighthead to get brighter. Upgrade your PWR Bank to go longer. But at a minimum, get more use from your gear by having a power bank on you at all times.”

The PWR product line launching this autumn includes three sizes of batteries and three powers of lightheads, plus two handlebar mounts and one helmet mount. Packages offered include:

  • The PWR Road 600 lumen lighthead with 3200mAh PWR bank + side mount ($89.95)
  • The PWR Trail: 1000 lumen lighthead + 5000mAh PWR bank + side mount ($119.95)
  • The PWR Commuter: 450 Lm light, integrated 850mAh battery ($54.95)
  • The PWR Rider: 450 Lm light, integrated 2200mAh battery ($64.95) 

More information: | Product specs pdf.


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Author: Stephen Frothingham

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