The Polish Cycling Federation has been rocked by accusations of sexual misconduct and fraud by a former key figure, leading to conflicts among its top officials.

A recent audit launched by the current president Dariusz Banaszek has brought to light not only proof of financial malpractice [of] by a “key figure in the cycling environment” but also allegations of sexual misconduct, including rape and sexual intercourse with riders, some allegedly while those riders were [as] minors.

The allegations were made public on Saturday by Piotr Kosmala, a former team manager, executive board member and ex-vice president, who disclosed the findings of the audit to the news website Sportowe Fakty.


Cyclingnews understands that allegations made in the interview date back approximately a decade and involve a prominent person in Poland’s cycling structures, an ex-employee of the Polish Cycling Federation.

According to Kosmala, the material gathered by auditors contains testimony of an attempted rape of a victim who claims to have been given alcohol and sleep-inducing drug before the incident.

Kosmala refused to name the accused but said the investigation highlighted practices of fraud and intimidation, saying about the accused official: “He would tell co-workers and staff that if they disobey, he will make sure they never find a job within the cycling industry. He would tell female riders they won’t take part in key events, such as world championships or Olympic Games. Disobedience meant cutting the pay, too,” he said, citing knowledge of the report.

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