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Hi, my name is Rob.

When I was a kid I was always on a bicycle, mind you, I say a and not my, because I had several bicycles.

I was born in Holland, or The Netherlands as some might call it, and Holland is known for is bicycles and bike opportunities.  But for many of us growing up in Holland it is just pure necessity. I lived quite a distance from school and out of reach of public transport and there is no such thing as a Schoolbus. So as soon as I could stand on my own to legs and was able to walk, or maybe even before that, I got my first bike and was taught how to ride it. When my parents had enough confidence in my bike riding, they send me of to school on my bicycle. That is was makes bike riding second nature for so many Dutch kids.

This was all in the early 70’s. In the late 70’s, the BMX Bike phenomenon reach Holland as well and me and a friend of my were one of the first to have our own BMX bikes. His dad had his own bike shop, that might have helped in the fact that we were early adapters. We had so much fun with these bikes, trying out all kinds of stunts, jumps, building our own ramps, at one point we even had our own dirt track in the grasland behing our house. I was on that bike from early morning till late at night, when I was not at school, eating or sleeping. It is a good thing there wasn’t any youtube in those days, because all these crazy stunts you see these days would have probably put some not so smart ideas in our heads…. I still wonder how it is possible that I never broke any bone in my body.

Later I also added a road bike to our collection so we could make longer trips in the weekends.

I had a shiny yellow Koga Miyata, a Dutch brand known these days as Koga. Those were the road bikes to have at the time. I drove quite some kilometers on that bike.

Slowly but surely  the love for bicycling diminished and the other things in live started to take over. I also developed some small pains in my body, mainly knees, back and shoulders and also started to feel very tired at times. All this dimmed the enthusiasm. What I didn’t know then and what I realize know is that being out in nature all the time left me open to everything, or should I say every creature, out there. It is probably in that period I picked up Lyme’s disease somewhere without knowing it. Because it stayed unnoticed and untreated for so long it developed into chronic Lyme and I spend the last few years fighting the Lyme. But guess what, I starting to feel as if I am coming back to life again and what is also coming back to live is my love for the good old bicycle.

Now when I started looking into the world of bicycles recently again, I realized how much has changed in the world of bicycles, it is truly amazing and it is not just the bicycles themselves that have changed, but everything, the range of different bicycles from city bikes to ebikes to road bikes to mountain bikes, but also the clothing and especially also the gadget, I mean who doesn’t love gadgets?

So that is what this blog is about, all the questions I have and the answers I have found I will put into blogs posts to share them with the world. That will initially be about a road bike and how to choose one, because that is where I will start, but it will also include clothing, bike shorts, shirt, helmet, socks, gloves, those kinds of things. Sort of a beginners guide to cycling as you will. Then I will move on to how to start training and will also include things like riding skills, position on the bike, find your balance, stopping, using your gears, safety on the road. But also eating and drinking. Because of my focus on my health, I am very conscious of my eating, so I will find the answers to question what is the best foor for cyclists, how to make my own bars and gels, recovery drinks and food and that kinds of things that you really need as an endurance athlete.

I will answer any questions you might have on the maintenance of you bike, which tools to have and to buy. what to bring when you go on a trip, etc.

And of course I will keep my eyes out for the latest tech and gadgets and share my findings on this blog as well.

So please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.



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